Vitamins for Plants

Liquinox Start Vitamin B1 (0-2-0) transplant solution is a growth-promoting substance that includes vitamin B-1, yucca extract base, chelated iron and phosphoric acid. Start is specifically formulated to help reduce transplant shock and to stimulate feeder root growth. In addition, Start is an effective transplant solution for use on all types of transplants. Light and frequent applications of Start will result in good, healthy root structure and a successful planting. Apply one cap of liquid fertilizer to one gallon of water. Suggested to use Start every week for three weeks and then begin using Liquinox Grow.

Vitamin B1 Liquinox | 100 ml | RP 40.000
Vitamin B1 Liquinox | 470 ml | RP 75.000
Vitamin B1 Taiwan | 100 ml | RP 85.000

Use: For root growth |Reduces transplant shock

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